Let us go to the library with a free membership!

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ORANJESTAD – The National Library of Aruba announces that everyone under 18 years, is welcome to explore the magical world of stories and information with a free library membership.

To encourage reading even more amongst the children, the library offers free membership for 2023 for everyone under 18 valid. It should help create a larger community of readers and a community that enjoys reading, a community that continues reading and continues learning.

Building National Library  E-books National Library Aruba.The library invites everyone under the age of 18 years with no library membership yet to grab this opportunity with both hands and become a member free of charge. The collection of books at the library includes over 1000 titles, books in Papiamento, Dutch, Spanish, and English, and a small French books collection. There is something for everyone. There are stories about everything and access to online information. Many children already use the library facilities. They work in groups and help each other. After all, there is no better place than a library.

Members also have access to E-books and Audiobooks. These are also options for visually impaired persons or those who enjoy listening to books. 

For membership registration, upcoming members must bring a valid ID.

The National Library offers numerous books for babies and children.     Students at the library.

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