Malmok Boardwalk in its final phase

ORANJESTAD – The Malmok Boardwalk, a project financed by the Aruba Tourism Product Enhancement Fund (TPEFA) was executed in 2 phases, with the last phase currently near completion

Malmok BoardwalkMalmok BoardwalkThis was a highly necessary project to upgrade the high-rise area. It is a frequently used area by many who use it for their routine exercises in a beautiful and safe area.

The Malmok Boardwalk runs from the intersection of Arashi up to the Fisherman huts. The first phase consists of 240 meters off hardwood in combination with pavers including reflector posts to divide the boardwalk from the road for the needed safety for each user. The Malmok Boardwalk now also has it is on parking areas.

In the last phase of the project, the pedestrian’s part is made of concrete flooring and pavers, new posts, and additional illumination for the safety of everyone. They have also build a traffic plateau from the turning area of the Fisherman Huts connecting to the Malmok road.

Malmok Boardwalk  Malmok Boardwalk

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