Mandatory visa for Venezuelans traveling to Aruba

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ORANJESTAD - After intensive deliberation between the partners of the Dutch Kingdom over the past years, in 2019 they deemed it necessary to introduce a mandatory visa for all Venezuelans who are planning to travel to Aruba and the other countries in the Dutch Caribbean.

The introduction of the mandatory visa for Venezuelan travelers is part of the immigration initiatives to regulate and manage the migrant flow responsibly and prudently. Other Latin American and Caribbean countries have already implemented a mandatory visa for Venezuelan travelers. It was the intention to introduce this visa on April 1, 2020, but this date was pushed back due to the Covid19 pandemic to a later date.

The borders with Venezuela remain closed.

The introduction of the visa for Venezuelan travelers is independent of the fact that the borders with Venezuela are closed. The reopening date of the borders with Venezuela, despite ongoing deliberation, is not determined yet nor are the conditions set for its reopening.

During the pandemic, the Dutch Kingdom will only process visas for essential traveling.

In addition to the mandatory visa, other tools are implemented to manage and regulate the migrant flow from Venezuela:

  • A-ESTA (travel authorization)
  • APIS (Information prescreening of each traveler)
  • Online ED-Card (Embarkation and Disembarkation Card)

Limited visa service for the Dutch Caribbean due to Covid19

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs can only provide limited service in the processing of visa applications for the countries in the Dutch Caribbean. These applications will only be processed for essential and vital traveling. The following persons are considered as vital and essential for traveling to Aruba:

  • Individuals who received a VTA (temporary admission to Aruba) due to migration to Aruba.
  • M.I.C.E travelers for Meetings, Incentives, Conference, or Exhibitions.
  • Business travelers, linked to commercial interest or as part of an economic mission.
  • Property owners in Aruba (homeowners, condominiums, time-share).

Leisure travelers who want to visit Aruba from one of the countries affected by the covid19 restrictions will not be eligible for processing of their visa request until further notice.

Mandatory visa exceptions are valid for

  1. Transit passengers
  2. Cruise ship passengers (come and go)
  3. Individuals who have a permanent or temporary residency for one of the partner countries of the Dutch Kingdom, USA, Canada, Schengen territory, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  4. All individuals who have a multiple entry visa for the Schengen territory (Visa Schengen).

The application process for essential or vital travelers who require a visa;

Only individuals who fall in the vital and essential categories can apply on by filling in the online form and uploading all required documents for the pre-screening. This pre-screening is done to verify the main purpose for traveling.

Only those who classify as an essential or vital traveler will be selected for the visa application process. Only these individuals will be notified and instructed on the next procedure for their visa application. Individuals who are not selected for the next phase will receive a generic notification stating that due to the limitations caused by the pandemic, their visa application will not be processed and they are not allowed to travel to Aruba.

More information about the new mandatory visa for Venezuelan travelers is available on:

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