Many tourists depart Aruba with seashells, corals, or beach sand

ORANJESTAD - In the last months, the Customs agents at the Airport in Aruba have intercepted many tourists who are returning home with seashells, beach sand, or corals.

Seashells, coral and white sand.According to the international treaty CITES and our local laws the National Ordinance protection of native flora and fauna and the Sand Ordinance, which prohibits the removal or export of seashells, corals, and beach sand from Aruba. The amount of corals, seashells, and beach sand confiscated lately is very odd. Hence, the authorities suspect locals or residents of selling these prohibited items to the tourists.

During checking in for departure, some tourists are confronted with a fine and the items are confiscated. This is certainly not a pleasant experience when departing our Island. 

It can result in unnecessary negative reviews for Aruba and put Aruba in a negative spot.

Let us respect our nature and protect the environment and stop removing seashells, beach sand, and corals from nature, and stop offering these for sale to tourists.

We all want the next generations and our tourists to enjoy our beaches, seashells, and corals.

Let us protect our nature.

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