March is a cultural and national holiday month

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ORANJESTAD - Every year the Commission for the Celebration of National Days (CCDN), led by the Ministry of Culture, works hard to celebrate the next national day. 

Book 'Mucha Crioyo mi Ta'Since last year, plans were adjusted to the current situation due to the pandemic.

However, despite this, it is not possible to skip this year's celebration. They have been working on many possible scenarios to continue the celebration this year and thanks to the input of all involved, there will be a special program this year.

This year's festival "Canto pa Aruba su Himno y Bandera" (Song for Aruba’s National Anthem and Flag) was held virtually without the presence of any audience.

Patriotic poetry became virtual and so did the book "Mucha Crioyo mi Ta" for all elementary schools in Aruba. The cultural presentation on March 17 including the protocol acts at the Plaza Libertador Betico Croes on March 18 where the Aruban flag will be raised in the presence of government officials will also be virtual. This celebration will be broadcast in the form of a national broadcast. This year we celebrate the 45th anniversary of National Flag and Anthem Day, an important date when we remember and celebrate the symbols of identity that unite us.

45 year celbration National Anthem and FlagFlag and Anthem:

We often do not stop and think about the transcendence and struggle for the realization of this great achievement. These mark the greatest achievements in history for any country, the important struggle to achieve their own identity, and a national symbol for their community.

These were visionary ideas and hard times to achieve what the people wanted so much. Today we can be very proud of our national symbols and achievements. On March 18, proudly raise your flag and feel proud to be Aruban.

The flag was officially inaugurated on March 18, 1976. During the big celebration in the Wilhelmina Stadium (now the Guillermo Prospero Trinidad), the flag was raised for the first time and the Aruba Dushi Tera was played for the first time as the national anthem.

This year the CCDN is making it possible for the celebrations to reach all corners of Aruba because this celebration is for the entire community of Aruba.

The CCDN also hopes that everyone will decorate their homes, workplace, stores, government buildings, etc., raise the Aruba flag and demonstrate the togetherness of Aruba while celebrating our Flag and Anthem Day.

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