Minister Endy Croes met with Mr. Andre Cats of the NOC*NSF and Mrs. Nicole Hoevertsz

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ORANJESTAD: On February 18, 2023, Minister Endy Croes welcomed Mr. Andre Cats and Mrs. Nicole Hoevertsz. 

Mr. Andre Cats succeeded Mr. Maurits Hendriks in April 2022 as technical director of the Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation (NOC*NSF). Before taking this position at the NOC*NSF, Mr. Cats served in the same capacity for the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation KNZB. He was Chef de Mission at four Paralympic Games. Mr. Cats was also a swimming coach and manager with the NOC*NSF. 

The NOC*NSF is a Dutch sports organization to promote sports. The NOC*NSF was founded in 1993 by the Dutch Olympic Committee and the Dutch Sports Federation. The NOC*NSF comprises 90 national sports organizations, 77 sports leagues, and 13 associates.

Mrs. Nicole Hoevertsz, Minister of Education and Sports, Mr. Endy Croes and Mr.Andre Cats. Together they represent 24 thousand sports clubs with a total of 5.2 million athletes. Mr. Andre Cats was in Aruba for one day and accompanied by the (International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice President, Mrs. Nicole Hoevertsz, paid a visit to the Minister of Sports. They addressed the significant issue of collaboration in the sports world and the ways to improve sports in Aruba. 

Minister Croes addressed the need for more professionalism from the board members of the federations in Aruba. A professional and sturdy board has added value for sports in general.

Mr. Cats was very interested in the Government's vision for Top Athletes in Aruba.'

There talked about the Kingdom games, and Mr. Cats shared that the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport focuses more on the Olympic Moves between schools in the Netherlands. 

The Sports Teacher's Association promotes the Olympic Moves between Dutch schools.

They explained to Mr. Cats that IBISA has a prominent role in sports promotion in Aruba.

Mr. Cats informed that in the Netherlands, the recruitment agency K&V recruits retired top public officials and allows them to reinforce sports boards which have given outstanding results so far.

Another subject discussed was the IRS (Institute of Sports Law), a "disciplinary law" official institute that addresses various issues of the sports federations. Conflicts between the Aruban federations are common. A system similar to IRS with professionals may help solve many of these issues and is worth exploring. Mr. Andre Cats explained the sports agreement of the Netherlands. All stakeholders signed the sports agreement broadly for the next five years. This way, the private sector, public sector, and the different stakeholders signed the document for the vision for sports. All understood and gave added value to sports as a nation.

It was a fruitful meeting that also further networking in the sports world and sports in Aruba. The Minister thanked Mr. Cats and Mrs. Hoevertsz for their time.

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