Minister Lampe presented the Circular Economy Vision 2050 (VEC)

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ORANJESTAD - During the 49th International Conference of Acuril, the Minister of Education, Science and Sustainable Development, Minister dr. Rudy Lampe presented a Circular Economy Vision 2050 for the first time. 

Following the VEC 2050 presentation the minister also presented the PEN 2030, the National Education Plan.

Minister dr. Lampe presented the Circular Economy Vision 2050 project during ACURIL 2019Most projects have their own challenges with their introduction before their implementation. The Minister admitted that he has planted the first seeds, despite knowing that he will not see the plant grow, especially within the education sector, since drastic changes do not happen quickly enough.

Development does not always go hand in hand with economic growth either, since it will cause the destruction of the only planet we have. However, sustainable development built on the circular economy is based on the use and re-use of the environmental resources that do not harm the planet nor our existence.

There is international support for Circular Economy and is viewed as the next industrial revolution. It is a complete different economic system compared to the current one of “take it, build it and dispose it.” The objective is for humans to be able to live on earth without having a negative impact on the environment.

AD Circular Economy Vision 2050Based on the school research by Aruba native Kevin de Cuba, an international leader in the field of Circular Economy, the vision is to focus on a sustainable circular economy. We can use and re-use non-sustainable materials; this however is not sustainable since it will drain the resources and environment. To be sustainable, more sustainable materials should be used in all phases of production

“Circular Economy is based on the continuance of the human being and its abilities to live in harmony with nature while safeguarding the environment for future generations” was the closing remark of the Minister’s presentation at the 49th international Conference of ACURIL

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