More cases of Covid-19 strains detected in Aruba

ORANJESTAD - The Crisis Team in Aruba, announced that the RIVM has confirmed more of the British Covid-19 strain in Aruba.

In addition to the 5 British strains detected previously, they have now confirmed 5 more totaling 10 individuals who were infected in Aruba with the British strain.

Coronavirus COVID-19  - Source EIVMBesides the British strain, they have also detected the presence in Aruba of a California West Coast Covid19 strain. It is however important to say that none of these cases are still active.

The community is urged to maintain their safety protocols in a place like frequent hand washing for 20 seconds, maintain social distance and use face masks correctly at all times. 

At work, a minimum of 1,5-meter distance should be applied at all times including the use of face masks. When you go out for errands be very careful with what you touch and use hand sanitizer when leaving an establishment. If you have any symptoms do not go to work, call your family practitioner immediately to be tested. Only with solidarity and discipline to comply with the safety protocols, we can fight the pandemic.

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