More Covid-19 strains were detected in Aruba

ORANJESTAD - Every week, Covid19 test results are sent to the Netherlands for further analysis. In the last few batches of tests send for analysis, the RIVM detected the presence of more Variants of Concern (VOC).

So far a total of 114 people in Aruba had the British Covid19 strain, 2 South African strain, and 3 from Brasil. The total amount infected with one of the VOC strains is 8 from Mexico and California.

Covid-19 variantCovid-19 variantThe community is urged to limit non-essential outings, to be extra cautious, and strictly abide by the safety protocols like correct use of face masks and frequent hand washing. Also, make use of the opportunity to register for the vaccine.

Social events at home are prohibited. These variants are more aggressive and highly contagious and can cause severe health complications which can compromise our healthcare system. If you feel any symptom, please isolate immediately and contact your family practitioner to schedule a test. Do not proceed with your normal life while waiting on the result, stay home and avoid the further spreading of the virus. Only with discipline and solidarity we can mitigate the spreading of the virus and continue on the track of recovering the economy of Aruba and progress.

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