Most new Covid-19 patients are not vaccinated

ORANJESTAD - Since the first Pfizer vaccine was administered in Aruba on February 17, 2021, the authorities have been monitoring the possible side effects as well as the effectiveness of the vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccineUp to June 3, 2021, 63.925 persons were vaccinated in Aruba. The most common side effects were as anticipated; mild and the customary. Since February 17 and up to June 3, 3010 people tested positive for the virus. From the 3010 new cases, 2859 were not vaccinated, 151 received the first doses of the vaccine, and 19 received both vaccines. This confirms the effectiveness of the vaccine at 95%. Between the very same periods, the Hospital indicated that 250 Covid-19 infected patients were hospitalized for additional care due to respiratory complications related to Covid-19, mostly for additional oxygen.

Of the 250 patients that were hospitalized, 235 did not receive a vaccine, five persons who received both vaccines contracted the virus within 14 days of receiving the first dose, 10 persons had only received one vaccine, and three persons received both vaccines. Those in the last group were hospitalized for more than 14 days with complications after receiving their vaccine. However, it is important to state that not one single person who received both vaccines was hospitalized in the ICU due to Covid-19.

The Department of Health (DVG) continuously tracks the effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine. Therefore, the DVG keeps promoting the vaccine. Persons infected with Covid-19 after receiving both vaccines experience mild symptoms and recover quickly.

The vaccine reduces the chances of developing severe complications and lowers the risk of death due to complications caused by the virus.

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