Motor Vehicle tax 2022 deadline January 31, 2022

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ORANJESTAD – The Tax Department has announced January 31, 2022, as the deadline for payments for the motor vehicle tax 2022.

You must pay the first half of the yearly motor vehicle tax by this date. Vehicle owners with custom license plates or motorcyclists must pay the full vehicle tax amount for 2022.

License Plates

The Tax Department will not issue new 2022 license plates or stickers this year. All vehicles must have the 2021 red and white license plates attached.

Building DIMPThe motor vehicle tax rate

The Motor Vehicle Tax for 2022 remains the same as in 2021. If you change your vehicle, the tax rate will also change depending on the type of vehicle. Those who cannot remember the payable amount for their vehicle can look this up on their car registration form. The amount is also available on the Bo impuesto app.

License plates cost

This year no new license plates are issued. Therefore, there is no cost for the license plates either. However, the owners of newly registered vehicles will have to pay for their license plates. The license plate costs Afl. 12,00 for the large license plate and Afl. 8,00 for the small “control” plates. License plates for motorcycles cost Afl. 8.


Due to renovations of the head office of the Tax Department at the Camacuri, this will not be accessible for payments. You can pay online or at the MFA Noord, Savaneta, Paradera, Santa Cruz, or the Post Office in San Nicolas. You can only pay any of these locations only with a debit card. You can also pay with cash at the annex office in Camacuri (where one can pick up license plate issuing ) for noncommercial clients ages 60 and up or for welfare recipients.

Be aware that you can not pay the 2022 motor vehicle tax if the customer has unpaid motor vehicle tax for previous years.

Online Bank payments

The DIMP encourages online bank payment. Payments at Aruba Bank or Banco di Caribe will appear immediately on the Tax Department account as these are on the same system as the Tax Department. Payments at other banks can take up to 5 business days to appear on the Tax Department account and be registered as such in the DIMP’s administration.

The Tax Department urges online payers to use the “Bill Pay” option, choose “DIMP Motorrijtuigbelasting”. Please fill in your “persoonsnummer”, the payment period, and license plate number. Example: 50001684-1st half of 2022-A92789

Those paying vehicle tax for more than one vehicle at the bank should make an individual payment for each registration. It is not allowed to make one single vehicle tax payment for multiple vehicles since it will generate administration challenges and delay for the DIMP.

Request proof of bank payment

Bank payers can request their proof of payment from the Tax Department using the link

The Tax Department will send your payment receipt by email t.

Noncompliance fine

Payments registered after January 31, 2022, are late. Bank payments received after the cut-off time are registered the following day and considered late. Please consult with your bank for their cut-off time. Payments received after January 31, 2022, will result in a noncompliance fine of 50% of the unpaid amount.

The Tax Department urges everyone to pay their motor vehicle taxes in time to avoid any penalties. Do not wait until the very last moment. For more information, please visit

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