MoU zero-emission vehicles

ORANJESTAD - The government of Aruba, through the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Nature, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding calling for 30% of all medium and heavy commercial vehicles in Aruba to be zero-emission by the year 2030.

The Dutch Government and CALSTART lead this initiative with its Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero program.

MoU zero-emission vehicles The objective is to accelerate the zero-emission market, especially in the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles market. These will be additional steps towards more sustainable practices in Aruba.

As residents on a small and arid island, the community is aware of the impact of the climate on our daily lives and future. Nonetheless, we build it despite our struggles and vulnerabilities by establishing high ambitions and standards.

Aruba has demonstrated to be supportive of a collective impact when dealing with modernizations and adaptations of sustainable practices, which prove fruitful for everyone who adopts these in Aruba. Aruba remains in the leadership position in the region in different aspects like tourism and sustainability.

With this MoU, the government hopes to reach 100% zero-emission vehicles in Aruba by 2040.

This MoU fortifies Aruba's commitment to a more sustainable future.

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