National Plan to address dog problems in Aruba

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ORANJESTAD – The national plan to address the dog issues in Aruba is being executed.

The plan is one that requires multidisciplinary attention from different ministries as well as NGOs and stakeholders. The plan is part of the actions that has to be executed immediately and actions on the short and long term. This plan has been approved by the council of ministers in June 2019 and will finally be executed. It is for the very first time that the Government and NGO’s will address this problem extensively to solve this issue with durable solutions.

Aruba has too many stray dogs. Too many dog owners in Aruba do not provide adequate care for their pets.

Instead of focusing on the “Kill cage” problem, the problem with the current stray dogs or the number of stray dogs being killed in traffic, the focus should be shifted towards the irresponsible owners.

The NGOs have been addressing this issue for a long time, investing hours and efforts in awareness, sterilization, and adoption campaigns.

The Government always invested in euthanasia of the unwanted pets and when possible invest in awareness campaigns. The effects of these campaigns is usually temporary. The number of stray cats and dogs euthanized yearly by the veterinary service declines during these campaigns but increases back after these campaigns are over. The effects of all these efforts should be long-lasting. This is the reason for the national plan to address the stray dog problem, including the kill cage.

The objectives of the National Plan are:

  1. To make pet owners responsible
  2. To improve the health and wellbeing of dogs that have owners as well as dogs with no owners.
  3. To reduce the number of stray dogs
  4. To prevent the import and illegal sales of dogs.

National plan: Dog population management

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