Nature and a healthy environment is essential for a healthy society

ORANJESTAD - On July 28, the world observes the International Day for the Conservation of Nature.

This day serves to create awareness on the protection and conservation of our natural resources. Many aspects expose our nature to dangers. Fortunately, more and more countries acknowledge this issue and are implementing changes. A healthy environment is essential to protect our future generations. Every country has the responsibility to contribute to this cause. The planet provides the basic needs to guarantee survival on earth, like water, air, food, plants, and animals. Hence, it is reason enough to keep our nature clean and healthy.

Water reservoir in ShiribanaDonkeys in GrapefieldOne of the reasons human beings destroy nature is the building of a.o. houses, buildings, and roads to facilitate human life. Even though we recognize the need for housing to meet the population demand, it is essential to put it into balance.  Thus far, there is no balance between the conservation of nature and the development of the country. It can lead to more natural disasters and diseases.

Aruba also contributes to the cause of sustainable development with the implementation and execution of laws that protect the natural areas, ban environmentally unfriendly products, and continuously search for options and alternatives to improve outdated processes that are no longer beneficial for the environment for example waste management.

Water reservoir in Rooi AfoCactus fenceLet us contribute to our nature by simply sharing valuable information and by avoiding the use of products that are harmful to the environment.  We can appreciate our natural beauty without causing harm.

According to the Prime Minister of Aruba: “A balanced and sustainable development will be beneficial for one and all. We will continue to give meaningful substance to the Sustainable Development Goals and emphasize the protection of our environment and create opportunities in agriculture.

A healthy nature and environment are indispensable for a healthy society. I make a plea to every single citizen, may we all continue to support and take care of our nature, for better development of our country”.

Nature of Aruba

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