New book “Tekki e toteki”; Papiamento meets Papiamentu presented to the Minister of Culture

ORANJESTAD - Recently Minister Xiomara Maduro received a visit from Richard Dabian, author of the book “Tekki e toteki” (tekki the gecko), who gave the Minister a copy as a gift.

Richard Dabian presents minister Xiomara Maduro with his 'Tekki e toteki'. Richard Dabian is a storyteller and with his new book, wants to encourage the children to read.

“Tekki e toteki” is a new book published by Richard Dabian for the children in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. This is the third time we see a collaboration between Aruba and Bonaire, who joined forces to motivate the children in a pleasant way to read. The orthography is not an obstacle for the children of the three islands, since the book is published in Papiamento and Papiamentu.

Minister Xiomara Maduro flips through the pages of the book 'Tekki e toteki'. ‘Tekki e toteki’ is a story of Tekki, who has a dream and does not let anyone disturb him in the realization of this dream, despite all the challenges. The main message of the book is that it does not matter how you look, always believe in yourself and if deep down you want to make your dreams come true, you will have to fight for it. “Tekki e toteki”; reminds the parents to encourage their children to reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

Richard Dabian presents minister Xiomara Maduro with his 'Tekki e toteki'. Reading is very important for the development of the children that is why the parents should stimulate their children to read.

The Minister was very grateful to author Richard Dabian for the great educational book but also grateful to Mrs. Denise de Jongh-Rekwest of Request Publishing for the publication of the book. The Minister also showed gratitude to Divi Impact

Foundation for their generosity of giving away a book package to all primary schools in Aruba.

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