New isolation and quarantine guidelines

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 03-02-2022.

ORANJESTAD – The Crisis Team, after thorough consideration of the different advice and analysis, has changed the isolation and quarantine guidelines.

Once a person gets a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result, the person should isolate for five days and avoid contact with others in the household. The five days of isolation start on the date the person received the positive test result.

If after five days in isolation you still have symptoms, you must continue to isolate until you no longer have symptoms.

After 24 hours without any symptoms, the person should complete the form sent by email.

Those living in the same house as the person who tested positive should quarantine for 5 days, starting on the day they had immediate contact with the person who tested positive and should wear masks at all times.

The person who tested positive must inform others living in the same home about the positive test result. The isolation and quarantine protocols are included in the email sent to anyone who tests positive. Please be aware that the DVG will no longer contact those who tested positive or anyone living in the same household.

The DVG urges those who tested positive to complete the form that sent by email and to provide information about everyone living in the same home that needs to quarantine.

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