New policy for the import of medicines and supplements for personal use

ORANJESTAD- The Public Health Inspectorate recently introduced a new policy for travelers who bring unregistered supplements and/or medicines for personal use.

This policy states that you may import certain supplements and medicines without requiring a permit from the Public Health Inspectorate of Aruba.  

Medications and supplements ("self-medications") supplied pharmaceutically, such as injections, powders, ampoules, suspensions, oils, creams, ointments and self-supporting products for personal or animal use that are not listed, require an import license.

To obtain the respective import license, send the following documents to the email address

supplements and/or medicinesNecessary documents:

  • A completed application for an import license (customs document) accompanied by the "bill of lading" or the Customs Airport Travelers;
  • A statement from the Public Health Inspectorate showing that the medicines or supplements are for personal use;
  • Copy of proof of identity (passport or driver's license) of the traveler with the imported independencies;
  • A copy of the invoice of the 'independencies';
  • If applicable, a copy of the 'independencies' packaging.

Below is the list of drugs and/or supplements that do not require an import license:

You can find the Public Health Inspection's self-use declaration form   

For more information or questions, contact the Public Health Inspectorate by calling 526-2160 or emailing or call customs at 523-8888 or

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