Next "Waste containers in the neighborhood" on November 18, 2023 in Community Center Ayo

ORANJESTAD - During the past months, a waste separation park, "Baki den Bario," has been rotating from one district to another.

On Saturday, November 18, 2023, Baki den Bario will be at the Ayo Neighborhood Center. Invitations are extended to neighbors from Ayo, Matividiri, Paradera, Babijn, Tamarijn, Rooi Afo, Meiveld, Piedra Plat, and Jaburibari, among others, to prepare in advance.

With each Baki den Bario event, the entire process is evaluated and adjusted in collaboration with all partners to expand the operation to accept more types of waste. The assessment includes Adjustment of thetime and changes it to when the persons arrive; the logistics to handle waste adequately; the experience and past data; and the human aspect required to carry out the work in the scorching sun. Baki den Bario in Ayo will be from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Baki den Bario waste separation park Baki den Bario waste separation park The government recently announced that Baki den Bario now accepts used kitchen oil and urges the community to dispose of it responsibly and place it in tightly sealed containers. Separate your metal, e-waste, cardboard, green waste, construction waste, tires, used kitchen oil, and bulk waste. Baki den Bario is only for residential use and does not accept commercial waste.

You can bring items, such as food, clothing, and reusable furniture to the Fundacion pa Nos Comunidad stand. Volunteers will be present to assist in the donation process.

Serlimar's helpdesk will also be there to assist with their services. One of their services includes transportation on Baki den Bario Saturdays, where they will pick up waste such as green waste (plants, branches, grass), and other types of waste accepted at Baki den Bario.

One of the main initiatives of the Limpi Limpi campaign is effective waste separation. Be conscious of your waste and keep Aruba clean!

Baki den Bario waste separation park   Baki den Bario waste separation park   Baki den Bario waste separation park

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