Now it is the crèche leaders and personnel’s turn to receive their vaccine

ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor is announcing that after receiving numerous amount of requests from Child care centers, and because they also come in contact with many people throughout the day, that they have been added to the current vaccination group.

The Minister of Social Affairs approached his fellow Minister Dangui Oduber with the request to add this group to the current vaccination group, who immediately agreed with this request.

The Department of Child and Youth and the Ministry of Social Affairs is calling on all leaders and personnel of child care centers (0-12 years) to register for their vaccine.

Register to get the COVID-19 vaccineAll these Child Care Centers will receive an email from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor with the instructions for registration and become eligible for the vaccine in this group.

  1. Download the Aruba Health App
  2. Create a user and register for your vaccine on this app;
  3. Only the leader of a Child Care Center can send only 1 email to which includes the personnel list including their registration and AZV number


To avoid confusion and to work efficiently, please send only 1 email per child care center with all required information.

Those eligible now for the vaccine are only those who work directly with children, including substitutes, and do not include other personnel like kitchen or garden personnel, etc. etc. 

All child care centers should continue working as indicated to the parents. All child care centers should strictly comply with the Covid19 protocol.

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