Online COVID-19 questionnaire on

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Public Health of Aruba (DVG), introduced an online Covid-19 questionnaire on their platform

This helps the DVG and provides each citizen the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire in case they have any Covid-19 related symptoms or if they think they are at risk of being infected with the Coronavirus.

This online questionnaire is in addition to the 280 0101 call center and can be used in the event they are not able to get through to the operators of the call center due to high volumes of callers. The online questionnaire provides a quicker way of communicating with the diagnostic center.

The questionnaire is available on The goal of the questionnaire is to help stop the spread of Coronavirus. It will immediately indicate if the individual is a potential case or not. In the event a person is a potential positive case, the diagnostic center will immediately call and will provide information on how to proceed. The DVG urges everyone that completes the questionnaire, to be honest, and provide only accurate information to avoid unnecessary concerns but also to avoid the call center of having to make inessential calls to someone having no real symptoms or not being at risk of being infected with the Coronavirus.

Online COVID-19 questionnaire on

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