Only curfew and establishment closing times have changed

ORANJESTAD – With the flexibilization of the curfew and establishment’s closing times, the Crisis Team noticed a misunderstanding by some people and establishments who are planning public parties.

General Announcement Crisis committee COVID-19The Crisis Team wants to reiterate that all measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 are in place and enforced by the Task Force. The Task Force will be tracking any parties or agglomerations where people do not maintain social distancing and other safety protocols. Musical entertainment is not permitted and also enforced by the Task Force.

Relax responsiblyPositive cases are declining, but we cannot afford a repeat of the same scenarios as in August and September. Those violating the rules will pay the consequences, and one can spoil it for everyone. All sectors should be thankful for the fact that cases are dropping steadily, and the active cases are becoming less every day. However, it is not a reason to celebrate but rather to keep enforcing the protocols to avoid another outbreak. The threat of COVID-19 is not over, and misbehavior by the community may even lead to a complete lockdown and loss of thousands of jobs. Be empathic and responsible, as careless actions can jeopardize yourself and others.

Together we can overcome this. Aruba counts on you!

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