Opening days slaughterhouse in December

ORANJESTAD – The Veterinary Services wants to remind all who are planning the slaughtering of goats, sheep, or pigs in December for human consumption that this has to be done at the slaughterhouse as stated by law.

Building Veterinary Services/ SlaughterhouseSlaughtering at home is illegal and poses a threat to a human’s health.

Slaughtering in December 2020 can be scheduled between November 16 and December 21, 2020.

Be aware that slaughtering is only possible with an appointment. This will help with the coordination of the slaughtering while complying with the hygiene protocols and the COVID-19 safety protocols. Please call 5224310 or 5224320 or drop by in person at Barcadera #1 for an appointment.

Please be on time on the appointment date. If a client fail to be on time, their appointment will be canceled, and they will have to make another appointment.

The last slaughtering date is December 21, 2020. Make an appointment on time and help ensure that the work in the slaughterhouse runs efficiently.

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