Opening ‘Export Week 2021 ‘Conquering new horizons’

ORANJESTAD – On June 7 2021, Minister Xiomara Maduro made the official opening of the ‘Export Week 2021: Conquering new horizons’ to the virtual meeting.

The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry’s unit Exprodesk was in charge of organizing the ‘Export Week 2021’.

The Aruban economy has undergone a transformation.

Opening Export Week - Conquering New Horizons’Minister Maduro welcomed all the local participants and local and international speakers and explained the reason Exprodesk was established in 2021 with the objective to facilitate small and medium size businesses all information necessary. Exprodesk also assists businesses that want to export their products and or services. Since then, plenty has changed and the economy of Aruba has undergone a transformation in order to reposition the small island in a world post Covid.-19

The transformation implies the transfer from a primary economic sector to a resilient economy with more opportunities and an open economy that exports to the entire world. To be successful with the transformation, we need to innovate, fortify our businesses and consolidate our exports.

International partnership

To achieve this transformation, Exprodesk has been leading export potential projects with partnership varying from Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, Holland House Colombia, Caribbean Export Development, the COSME program and the City of Doral, Florida.

This partnership will help support local exporters on many levels. Soon Exprodesk will have more partnerships and instruments that can help businesses reach their export markets and grow. Our products and services have value.

Exprodesk presents ‘Export Week – Conquering New Horizons’Historically the economy of Aruba was an open economy with international commerce partners. Doing business was one sided; importing into Aruba.

It is very important if we can reach this transformation and conquer new horizons for Aruba. Last week during the Aruba Investment Summit, Royal Aruba Aloe, Aruba’s leading exporter shared their strategy for internationalization. During the presentation, Royal Aruba Aloe reaffirmed that our products are valuable for the world.

Export Week is very important

Committing to export is not easy. It can be very expensive and labor intensive. That is why the Export Week is so important. Each speaker will share their knowledge and will empower participants to become successful. This also serves businesses and the groups of interest to join virtually. During the week, participants can also network. 

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