Our elderly persons, our priority

ORANJESTAD – As part of the campaign “Aruba counts on you” of the DVG, one of the groups of our community that needs more attention are our seniors. 

Our elderly persons, our priority. Take care of your healthThe ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world, including Aruba, that is why one of our priorities is the elderly population. Their care, peace of mind, and wellbeing is our concern.

If you belong to the population group older than 60 years, this information is for you.

The Department of Public Health urges you to take control of your health.

If you suffer from any chronic disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, we urge you to regulate these together with your healthcare practitioner and to take your daily medications as indicated.

Our elderly persons, our priority. Take care of your healthWell-balanced meals and drinking plenty of water should boost your immune system. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, reduce alcohol use, and quit smoking. You can socialize but with caution, due to the active pandemic.

Keep physical distance from 1.5 meters at all social encounters, either cultural or religious encounters. Use a face mask whenever you come in contact with family members, friends, and when entering public establishments. Greet with gestures and smiles.

The recommendations for shopping and doing your regular outings is to go early in the morning to avoid crowds. If you are taking care of the grandchildren, please be alert for any COVID-19 symptoms.

Our elderly persons, our priority. Take care of your healthThe following group should take more rigorous actions to protect themselves:

  • Seniors over the age of 70;
  • Those with pulmonary illness or unregulated respiratory illness;
  • Persons with chronic heart disease being treated;
  • Persons with unregulated or poorly regulated diabetes and have secondary complications;
  • Persons with severe liver disease and or obese;
  • Persons with a renal disease that undergo dialysis or waiting on a kidney transplant
  • Persons with a low immune system; caused by auto-immune disease with medication, organ or a stem-cell transplant, hematologic disease, asplenia and all other diseases that attack the immune system like untreated HIV or HIV with a value of CD-4 <200mm3, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and or radiation treatment.

In order to win the fight against Covid19, we should all comply with the safety protocols established by the authorities. We should all be determined to handle all challenges, let us take care of ourselves.

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