Our youth are courageous and determined

ORANJESTAD – If you are in the group of 13 - 25 years of age, you are considered by the DVG as being a youth.

This segment within our population, with their courage and determination, is of vital importance in the fight against Covid-19.

Ad Young peopleWe are sure that the young people in Aruba can fight Covid-19 if they take action. Young persons are empowered to take charge at this moment of crisis in which some segments of the population have fear or concerns. This is the moment for our young people to spread their happiness and positivism to everyone on this island and help impulse our recovery. Although things still look a little grim, young people brings back the light with their dynamics and responsibilities during the pandemic.

The Department of Public Health invites the youth to like them on Facebook for the latest information and to follow the recommendations of the authorities.

Do not ignore the risks of contracting the virus and keep applying the 1,5 meters of social distance at all times, wash hands frequently, wear face masks indoors, and avoid agglomerations.

If you follow the protocols, you are not only taking care of yourself, but you are also taking care of others, like your loved ones, your parents, and grandparents.

The DVG invites the youth to take simple steps to create awareness, prevent misinformation, and promote the spirit of support in the community.

To fight Covid19, we have to follow the rules and recommendations. We need to be determined to face the challenges.



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