Police teachers certified to give driver training

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 30-11-2023.

ORANJESTAD - A group of teachers from the Police Training Institute E.J. Watty Vos attended an advanced "Driver Training" course in Miami. 

The course was part of good cooperation with international partners and in consultation with the College of Chiefs of Police in the region, with several ongoing projects. They decided to send personnel from each corps to this course.

The course itself aims at the police. It includes driving a police vehicle in emergencies, as well as advanced driving techniques.

Diploma ceremony for the advanced “Driver Training” in Miami.Diploma ceremony for the advanced “Driver Training” in Miami.Miami-Dade Police Department was responsible for teaching these techniques to the trainees so that they could later provide training to police officers in Aruba.

"Continuing to invest in our colleagues is a priority, but above all, it strengthens the cooperation between all the police forces in the region and internationally, which allows us to achieve more and offer more courses so that our officers are better prepared for their police work," were the words of Aruba Police Department Chief of Police. Drs. Ramon Arnhem.

He was pleased to see three colleagues receive their diplomas in Miami, as well as in the presence of Mrs. Irma Gordon, the Commissioner of Police, who came to support the certified personnel and officers who can now conduct training in Aruba and their hometowns!

Diploma ceremony for the advanced “Driver Training” in Miami.     Diploma ceremony for the advanced “Driver Training” in Miami.     Diploma ceremony for the advanced “Driver Training” in Miami.

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