Preparation for the hurricane season – Tip 7

ORANJESTAD – During the hurricane season, it is essential to prepare an emergency plan not only for the family but for the pets as well.

The following tips will help you protect your pet during the hurricane season: 

  • Hurricane season Prepare a space for your pet that protect it from water and strong winds. It is advisable to keep your pet stays inside since it will help it to remain calm;
  • Make sure the space is comfortable with water, food, and the pet’s favorite things. 
  • Make sure that your pet has enough water and food for at least seven days;
  • Have necessary hygiene products available during the days the pet stays in your house, for example, newspapers, trash bags, and pads to put on the floor.
  • If your family must evacuate during the hurricane, take your pet with you and do not leave it behind.

For more information on the hurricane season, follow and like the Facebook page of the Department of Public Health and the Crisis Management Office

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 7

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