Preparations for hurricane season 2022 Tip 5

ORANJESTAD - What to do during and after the hurricane?

  • Stay inside in the designated area;
  • Listen to and follow official news channels for updates;  
  • If you must leave your house for safety reasons, please go with your family to the nearest location;
  • Remember to bring the emergency package where your family is going.

Hurricane season After the hurricane:

  • Say informed by following the information by the local authorities;
  • Do not go sightseeing in your car in flooded areas;
  • Give first aid to whom might need it; 
  • Walk cautiously around the house and check if gas pipes, water meters, or electrical wires may be broken. Close or disconnect them if possible;
  • Make sure first you and your family are safe. Then you can help those close by that may need help;
  • In case of emergency, call 911 or 100.

In the following days, the Department of Public Health and the Crisis management Office will give more tips for our community to better prepare during the hurricane season.

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 5

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