Preparations for the hurricane season Tip 1

ORANJESTAD - For Aruba and the other Caribbean islands, the hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. 

Hurricane season We consider these months as hurricane season due to the great numbers of storms that form in the Atlantic Ocean and make their way to the Caribbean region.

To survive a hurricane individuals and their families must prepare adequately.  

Notwithstanding the modern era we live in, where through technology, we can forecast at which moment a hurricane will hit our island, it is not advisable to wait until the last minute to start preparing. In doing so you will not be sufficiently prepared. When a hurricane makes landfall many people get panicky and tend not to make the best decisions. Hence, it is essential to prepare in advance.   

Here are some tips to be adequately prepared for the hurricane season.

  • Remove all loose objects in the yard, such as wood, cans, garden tools, and patio furniture or tie them down;  
  • Inspect your roof. Anchor your roof on columns and the walls of the house. Repair all leaks in the roof; 
  • Save all the emergency numbers on speed dial on the phone of each family member (like 911, 100 – Police) and the number of close family members (like mother, father, sibling, aunt and uncle, grandparent). During a hurricane, the emergency numbers are very busy. Therefore, a nearby family member can help you faster.

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 1

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