Preparations for the hurricane season Tip 2

ORANJESTAD – What to do when there is a significant chance we will expect hurricane conditions on our island?

When official agencies like the government and the crisis management office inform that in the upcoming days, there is a significant possibility for a hurricane to hit the island, it is essential to prepare 72 hours or four days before it makes landfall:

  • Hurricane season Put all essential material and objects in an emergency bag.
  • Put your valuables, such as passports, medical history in a waterproof bag and place it in your emergency bag;
  • Make sure that you have at home a complete first-aid kit, containing, amongst others band-aids, betadine, gauze, bandages, pain killers like paracetamol or Voltaren and other items you can use in case of injuries that do not require immediate medical attention;
  • If you or your family member use medicine daily, make sure you have enough for a few days. Put these medicines in a zip-lock bag in your emergency bag. Also, make sure to keep medical equipment used daily in a safe place. 
  • Put some snacks and bottles of water in the emergency bag.
  • Assign a person to be responsible for the emergency bag at all times
  • Make sure you have a flashlight with batteries, matches and candles at home; 
  • Prepare an evacuation plan in case your family has to leave. Do not forget to include your pets in your evacuation plan.

In the following days, the Department of Public Health and the Crisis management Office will give more tips for our community to better prepare during the hurricane season.

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 2

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