Preparations for the hurricane season Tip 3

ORANJESTAD – What to do if hurricane conditions are expected within 48 hours or two days (if a hurricane watch was issued)?

  • Hurricane season Prepare a shelter space in your house where your family will stay during the hurricane. The shelter preferably must be a space with few glass, windows, and doors;
  • Prepare a space for the pets to stay during the hurricane;
  • Fill your car’s tank with gasoline or diesel;
  • Make sure to have sufficient drinking water for each family member (2 liters per person);
  • Buy plenty of canned food and snacks. Make sure you have at home a manual can opener;
  • Turn your refrigerator’s thermostat to the coldest setting and refrain from opening its doors regularly.

In the following days, the Department of Public Health and the Crisis management Office will give more tips for our community to better prepare during the hurricane season.

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 3

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