Preparations for the hurricane season Tip 6 Days following the hurricane

ORANJESTAD - The recovery and rebuilding period begins after a hurricane makes landfall.

Hurricane season It entails not only material but also emotional recovery. For many people, experiencing a hurricane can be a traumatic and sad event. Therefore it is essential to listen to others and offer them a shoulder to cry on and pour their heart out when needed.

When rebuilding or restoring your house or property, be cautious when cleaning inside and outside.  

Throw away all food items that can be dangerous to your and your family‚Äôs health, like food that got wet by the rain or defrosted food. Remove all broken material, like glass and wood. 

The days after a hurricane can be difficult filled with anguish and insecurities. The best advice is to seek a place of refuge, comfort, and support with your close families.

For more information on the hurricane season, follow and like the Facebook page of the Department of Health and the Crisis Management Office.  

Preparations for the hurricane season -Tip 6

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