Presentation first daycare regulation manual

ORANJESTAD - Recently, the Department of Children and Youth (DMH) and the Minister of Justice and Social Affairs, Rocco Tjon, had an informative and interactive meeting with the daycare centers in Aruba.

During this meeting, the daycare centers received information about various topics related to the Aruban Childcare Act's implementation.

The topics discussed during this meeting were:

  • Manual Quality Requirements Childcare Aruba;
  • Supervision the nursery;
  • Implementation of the Protection Code in the care center for the children;
  • Plans for the future.

Presentation first daycare regulation manual. Presentation first daycare regulation manual. Minister Tjon emphasized the importance of the final document, the 'Manual Quality Requirements Childcare Aruba 2022', divided into five steps and contains the minimum requirements necessary to operate a daycare center.

The trajectory of the regulatory manual took some time. In November 2019, under the leadership of Ms. Sue-Ann Ras (National Coordinator for the Implementation of the Childcare Act), they started with a baseline measurement of the childcare centers. This measurement is on the points included in the draft Childcare Manual, compiled between 2015 and 2017 by the Childcare Steering Group.

After the 2019-2021 steering committee had analyzed the results of the baseline measurement (2020/2021), they decided to revise the childcare manual (2015-2017) in its entirety.

They established what can realistically be added in the new manual without significant financial consequences for the childcare centers. The government informed all childcare centers and the FPNM draft manual of the manual so that they can contribute to its content.

Presentation first daycare regulation manual.   Presentation first daycare regulation manual.   Presentation first daycare regulation manual.

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