Prevention measures and restrictions at Gate 5 and Welcome Plaza

ORANJESTAD, Aruba: In connection with the opening of Gate 5 at the Port of Call Aruba, the Tourism Oriented Police (TOP Oranjestad) and partners have announced the following operating rules that apply for cruise tourism starting June 9, 2021. 

Gate 5 is the gate designated to cruise tourists when arriving and departing Aruba.

The following rules apply to maintain public order, operational order, and safety of ourselves and the visitors.

The TOP is also reminding the community that the traffic signs at the Welcome Plaza indicate that the road is only accessible for tour operators and Port personnel at the indicated times.

Prevention measures and restrictions at Gate 5 and Welcome PlazaThis serves to minimize traffic and to safeguard the safety of those operating on the premises of the Port and the visitors. The TOP and DVG will be enforcing the rules extensively to make sure the operations at Gate 5 are flawless.

Rules and restrictions for tours:

  • All Passengers should use face masks;
  • all vehicles should have hand sanitizers on board;
  • a passenger list is required including the Cruise ship’s name;
  • tours should comply with all restrictions.

Rules and restrictions for Tour Operators:

  • Tour operators should always wear a face mask;
  • always apply 1.5 meters distance from others;
  • should avoid agglomeration at all times;
  • only 5 tour operators will be allowed simultaneously at Gate 5 (10 tour guides) whenever the one next in line replaces them. All others should remain in their vehicle while waiting;
  • all tour operators should wait at the designated area and maintaining social distance;
  • tour returns:
  • when tours return their passengers to the Port, they should drop them off at the drop-off zone next to Diamonds International but in a responsible way to avoid agglomeration.

Rental operators:

  • Rental operators will operate in at the Welcome Plaza;
  • only one employee per company;
  • mandatory face mask;
  • social distance of 1.5 meters;
  • if possible, sanitize vehicle before and after renting.


  • Taxi drivers must wear face mask;
  • all taxis should have hand sanitizer on board;
  • agglomeration in any form should be avoided at all times;
  • taxis are only allowed to operate from the taxi area at the Welcome Plaza;
  • the Taxi stop is exclusively for taxis;
  • no other vehicle is allowed at Taxi stop;
  • exceptions only apply for Taxis dropping off passengers with disabilities but should drop them off at the indicated zone(Parking Port Diamonds International).

The Police Department urges everyone to comply accordingly with the restrictions and rules.

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