Prime Minister's Annual Report 2022

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ORANJESTAD – On March 2023, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Mrs. Evelyn Wever-Croes, announced the publication of the Annual Report 2022 of the Ministry of General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organization, Infrastructure, and Spatial Planning.

The first chapter contains an extensive report on the relationship within the Dutch Kingdom, foreign affairs, SDGs, gender, national security, the Safehouse project, calamity, and present crisis in 2022 like Covid and the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela which caused problems with asylum, communication and a variety of commissions.

Prime Minister. Minister of  General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organization, Infrastructure, and Spatial Planning, Mrs. Evelyn Wever- Croes.In this chapter, the Prime Minister compares the expenses of her ministry with the previous administration.

Chapter 2, Innovation, reports about the Innovation Directorate, a new department that will promote innovation, the Prime Minister reports about the Directorate of Information Technology and Automatization DIA, and a report on the work done by FUTURA in the innovation field.

Annual Report 2022 of the Ministry of  General Affairs, Innovation, Government Organization, Infrastructure, and Spatial Planning.In the chapter Government Organization, the report starts with the Department for Human Resources that include multiple tables indicating the reduction in the number of public workers since taking office. The report also states the reason for this substantial reduction. Since 2017, the number of public workers was 4800, and now it is 4400. There are 400 fewer public employees, which represents a reduction of 9%. It is thanks to the implementation of the Reduction personnel costs Policy Plan.

In the report, they also mention the VUT settlement.

Chapter three covers the management of the Bureau of Internal Services (BID), CENSO, MFA, and the Administrative auxiliary office HBK.

In the Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, they state all the correct and current information in detail of all the departments resorting under the ministry, and the income they generate. It includes departments like the Department of Infrastructure and Planning DIP, the Directorate of Surveying and Property Registration DLV or Kadaster, the Department of Public Works DOW, and the Department of Technical Inspections DTI.

The annual report ends with an outlook for 2023.

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