Procedure to get a COVID-19 test before travel

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Public Health informs about testing for COVID-19 before traveling.

The October school vacation is rapidly approaching. Many citizens already bought their travel tickets, and the only thing they may need is a negative COVID-19 test to be admitted to their travel destination.

COVID-19 test for travelers.Not all countries require a COVID-19 test for admission. To get information for which countries this test is required, the traveler must contact the airline they are traveling with.

For this reason, DVG informs all travelers that to take the required COVID-19, they have to contact a lab that offers COVID-19 testing within the stipulated time.

To take a COVID-19 test, the citizen does not need to call their home physician, or call DVG or apply for the test via the online system. These procedures are only for persons with COVID symptoms. Hence, to get a COVID-19 test, the traveler must contact a lab that offers COVID-19 testing.

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