Project Beach Sand completed

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ORANJESTAD – During a press conference on January 13, 2022, the director of the Department of Public Works, Marlon Croes, announced the completion of the first phase of the Project Beach Sand.

Beach Sand Project Eagle BeachBeach Sand Project Eagle BeachAlmost two years ago, the government installed a committee called Aruba Amenities. The committee includes the representatives of DOW, DIP, DNM, ATA, Ministry of Finance and Culture, Department of Economic Affairs, Archeological Museum of Aruba, and ECA. The committee members create renovation programs for areas and facilities related to our natural and historical heritage. They also create new opportunities for our community.

Eagle Beach is internationally renowned as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the world. The government allocated funds to invest in the white sand removal from the sea in areas permitted by the DOW, DIP and DNM.

Beach Sand Project Eagle BeachBeach Sand Project Eagle BeachIn Eagle Beach, the DOW replenished white sand under the sea grape bushes. The sand in this area was saturated and changed of color due to decades of camping activities. Regretfully, we must say that we destroyed this beautiful beach. DOW cleaned up this area and replenished it with white sand. The Prime Minister remarked that these changes give a beautiful and pleasant ambiance for people who want to enjoy a day at the beach and sit in the shadow of the sea grape bushes or for those who like to exercise a bit and distract themselves.

Beach Sand Project Eagle BeachBeach Sand Project Eagle BeachIn addition to renovating our heritage, it is also essential to help care for them. The beaches of Aruba are very fragile habitats, where many species live. From larger species like sea turtles to small creatures like crabs, shellfish, and fishes and also our seagrass and birds that live and visit these areas

This maintenance work at Eagle beach completes the first phase of the replenishment of our beaches.

This maintenance work will continue at other beaches and historic and natural heritage. These are amongst others, Casibari and soon Seroe Colorado y San Nicolas.

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