Prolongation deadline submission personnel register form 2019-2020

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ORANJESTAD - Department of Labor and Research has extended the deadline to submit their personnel register to May 31, 2020.

In accordance with article 30 of the Labor Ordinance 2013, employers are required to provide the personnel register (PR) to the Department of Labor and Research (DAO).

Personnel listThe personnel register consists of 3 parts:

  • Model 1A: current staff as of December 2019
  • Model 1B: the personnel requirement of 2020
  • Model 1C: the personnel requirement associated with specific projects in 2020

Below you will find all necessary forms/ documents:

This year, you can only send the Personnel Register 2019 - 2020 digitally. It is also possible to request this form via e-mail address and DAO will mail it to you.

You must send DAO the required data in an Excel spreadsheet (according to DAO's model) via e-mail:

In case a company has one or more branches, DAO requests to complete the Personnel Register form, not only for the head office (for example, the Chamber of Commerce number 5555.0), but also for each branch (for example, Chamber of Commerce number 5555.1, 5555.2 etc.) You must also put an asterisk (*) in the column (after column no. on the form) to indicate which employee is being rotated at your branches.

It is mandatory to fill in all 3 models. In case you do not need staff, or need for people for each specific project in 2020, you have to fill in nil on model 1B and model 1C.

The DAO will then send you a receipt for your Personnel Register form 2019 - 2020 by means of an e-mail as well as an approval and/ or rejection. A receipt does not mean that your Personnel Register 2019 - 2020 has been approved. DAO will approve or reject the Personnel Register 2019 – 2020 during the course of this year.

The submission of the Personnel Register 2019 – 2020 during the period from February 15 to  May 31, 2020 is mandatory. After the expiry of the submission period, the DAO can impose an administrative fine of Awg. 5000, -.

DAO wishes to remind companies that use intermediaries (for example an accounting or consultancy firm) that compliance with our labor laws is a duty of the employer and not of the intermediary.

For more questions you can contact Mrs. Louisetty Croes via e-mail or an employee of the Labor Market Research Office via telephone 523-7720.

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