Prosecutor's Office's new program Paga bo boet

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 02-04-2023.

ORANJESTAD - The Public Prosecutor's Office recently introduced a new program to collect traffic fines. 

This program is called Paga bo boet (Pbb). The Aruba Police Department (KPA) is also part of it through a link with the ACTpol information system used by the police. Fines entered into ACTpol by the police will now arrive directly at the Public Prosecutor's Office.

It means, among other things, that the collection of fines will be accelerated, compared to previous years.

It also means that police will begin working with an updated version of the traffic ticket. From March 1, 2023, when issuing a fine, officers will write the updated summons process report (OPV). From now on, the fine that road users will receive personally after committing a traffic violation will contain more information, both for the police and the person receiving the fine.

Painting Building Public Prosecutor’s Office What is new is that the updated OPV will show the amount of the fine and a so-called OPV number. The officer will check off the amount of the fine. The OPV number is at the top right of the form and begins with the digit 297.

Therefore, in the future, citizens will no longer have to wait for a letter from the public prosecutor to pay the fine, as was the case until now. One can check on the OPV what the amount of the fine is, as well as the OPV number belonging to it.

The fine can then be paid online or at the public counter of the OM. Online payment can be made through account number 4000905 at Arubabank, stating the amount and the OPV number. At the public counter of the OM at Rumbastraat 29 in Camacuri, payment can be made after making an appointment through The OM no longer accepts cash payments. On Fridays, the counter is closed to the public.

There is also a so-called convocation date on the CV. This is the date on which the person who committed the offense must appear in court. This date is entered manually on the OPV by the verbal officer. If the fine is paid on time, the summons to appear in court is canceled.

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