Protect yourselves and avoid a third COVID-19 wave

ORANJESTAD - Aruba survived the first COVID-19  wave and is currently managing the outbreak that caused the second wave.

The Department of Public Health urges the Aruban community to strictly follow the COVID-19 precautions to avoid the third wave. 

Famous Fofoti tree on Eagle BeachThe arrival of the Covid19 virus caused a worldwide pandemic, including Aruba. 

While many countries are trying to reduce the number of positive cases, Aruba is trying to keep the numbers low. The latter is essential to guarantee healthcare when needed. Besides the health crisis, the pandemic caused an economic crisis in Aruba. Many persons lost their jobs or saw a reduction in their salaries due to the significant drop in tourism, our only economic pillar. A decline in tourism caused a reduction in the labor force that translates into less income, which caused many social problems and poverty. Aruba survived the first wave by closing their borders and with the introduction of measures like the curfew and shelter in place.

After two and a half months, with effort and perseverance, Aruba is once more recovering from the second wave. 

Now we need to stand together as one nation and protect Aruba from a possible third wave. We need to stand tall and remain positive. Let's follow the protocols and fight against COVID-19. We should be determined to confront all challenges without losing our friendliness.  

With responsibility, discipline, and determination, we can win this battle. This is the only way to progress during the pandemic. The island's progress is our progress.

#ArubaTaContaCuBo, let's take care of ourselves!


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