Publication of the masterplan “Repositioning our sails”

ORANJESTAD – On November 16, 2020, the Government of Aruba published their masterplan titled “Repositioning our sails”.

Over 125 professionals from the public sector and the private sector created the masterplan. They shared their knowledge and expertise during more than 175 sessions to draw up a plan for a resilient future for Aruba.

Ad masterplan Repositioning our sails They identified five accelerating projects that qualified to enter the implementation phase. An example is the recent introduction of the Fiscal Relief 2020 – part 2 that gives businesses and commerce a push and relief.

The Fiscal reform team is currently executing the reform and taking the necessary steps towards its realization in the upcoming years.

As regards the Labor law reform, the tripartite process has started where different topics about the revision and modernization of our laws are covered. The implementation team is working on a database that will give a better overview of the labor market to be able to improve the alignment between employees and employers.

The red-tape trajectories and innovation in legislation are in progress. The focus is on revising the permit ordinance to make this more efficient. This will lead to accelerated sustainable economic development. Besides, they are working on a complete map of the legislative process to identify and eliminate bottlenecks and speed up and re-enforce these processes.

Concerning e-Government, this is already in its final phase. Work has begun for the implementation of the interoperability platform. This will make it possible to interexchange Government data, facilitate the citizen’s experience, and re-enforce transparency.

It is important to state that all the accelerating projects are aligned with the National Strategic Plan (NSP). Here different corresponding workgroups have made agreements to coordinate efforts to reach the United Nations Sustainable Goals (SDGs).

Ad masterplan Repositioning our sails The published version does contain some remarks, propositions, and constructive criticism received from different active participants from the various sectors. The comments and propositions were duly incorporated into the plan.

The extension of the masterplan also took place through analysis and comparison of the topics as presented in the draft of the ‘Country package (Landspakket) by the Dutch Government in order to assure coherence and alignment. Even though the topics in the masterplan were handled more thoroughly as compared to those in the Country package, its main goals are in complete alignment. Hence, the implementation teams will continue to align the actions in detail.

This is only the first stage of the expansion, seeing that the masterplan will continue to evolve based on consultations that will take place with the partners of the different sectors. The Aruba government, however, pending the next stage, is sharing the plan with the Aruba community to reinforce the inclusive process.

The plan is available digitally on

We invite the community to consult the masterplan “Repositioning our sails”

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