Pushi ta keda pushi (Cat is a cat)

ORANJESTAD - This week, children's book author Mrs. Desiree Correa presented her latest book to the director of the national library, Mrs. Astrid Britten, who was very happy with a new book for the library's youth collection.

Children's book author Mrs. Desiree Correa presents her latest book to the director of the national library, Mrs. Astrid Britten.This story is about a black cat named Metaki who fell in love with a young man who wore an angora cat costume during the Carnival parade. Metaki belongs to the Kudawecha Witch named Hubladuba. Metaki suddenly doesn't want to eat or leave the house because she is madly in love with the Angora cat.

Hubladuba loves her cat very much and tries to do everything. Hubladuba tries out several old recipes she found in her cupboard. If she succeeds, will Metaki come home? Is Hubladuba about to lose her cat? What will the other witches think about Hubladuba's tender heart? Will they punish her? This story makes it very clear: always be who you are.

Desiree Correa wrote many books and some of the published books are Elefina Elefante, Mosa's Island, Un nomber pa e princess, Festimucha, Compa Nanzi, Domi di den Mondi, Drumi dushi, Manuel, Buchi Beer, Pepe Picuda, Randy & Rodney Nier, Dono di curpa, Den kibra di madruga, Drama Real.

Mrs. Britten thanked Mrs. Correa for yet another contribution to youth literature in Aruba. She also invites everyone to explore the extensive book collection of the national library. In addition to books, the library offers Ebooks and Audiobooks collection, computers to work on, search for information and use the internet, and free Wi-Fi. Students are welcome to come and do their homework or group projects.

The National Library also announces that library membership is free for anyone under 18 years. Registration does require a valid ID.

Children's book author Mrs. Desiree Correa     Book Pushi ta keda pushi

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