Quarantine policy adapted

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 10-02-2022.

ORANJESTAD – Since January 7, 2022, the Crisis Team has adapted the quarantine and isolation policy.

Since December 30, 2021, the isolation and quarantine policies have changed to 5 days if the individuals have no symptoms. Starting January 7, 2022, they introduced the exception for those in quarantine who live under the same roof as someone who tested positive.

There are now two exceptions;

  1. If you have received the booster shot, there is no need to quarantine
  2. If you contracted COVID in the past four weeks, you should not quarantine either.

 The Crisis Team wants to remind everyone about the current safety protocols:

  • Once a person receives a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result, the person should isolate for five days starting on the date of receiving the test result. This is to prevent direct contact with others in the same house.
  • If the infected person still has symptoms after five days, he or she should remain in isolation until they no longer have any Covid related symptoms.
  • You must complete the form once 24 hours have passed without symptoms.

All others living under the same roof, except for those mentioned above, should quarantine for five days starting on the last day of direct contact with an infected person and should also wear a face mask at all times at home. The protocols for isolation and quarantine are included in the email the DVG sends to all who tested positive. The DVG will no longer contact anyone in isolation or quarantine at home.

The DVG urges everyone to complete the form sent by email to inform them about the names of those who reside under the same roof and must quarantine.

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