Recreational cannabis will not be legalized in Aruba

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 11-01-2020.

ORANJESTAD – The Government of Aruba announced it would not legalize recreational cannabis.

The Government of Aruba has been working for a while on the legislation of medical cannabis. This to meet the demand for the use of cannabis-derived oils, creams, and its positive effects. The use of cannabis or any cannabis-derived product is still against the laws of Aruba. This should be changed according to the Cabinet, Wever-Croes The import of cannabis oils and creams should become legal in Aruba making it more accessible for all. The positive effect these oils have for cancer patients should be the main reason for the legalization of medical cannabis.

Pic Medical CannabisThe effects of the oil and creams on humans are not similar compared to those of marihuana. The Government is emphasizing that it will only legalize medical cannabis and NOT recreational cannabis.

Many families suffer from the effects of marihuana addiction by family members and the Government will assist these families with support and facilities to help addicts, but it will certainly not contribute to the deterioration among the youth due to substance abuse.

The use of illegal drugs will be prosecuted by the law.

The legalization of medical cannabis will be submitted to strict conditions and regulations.

The Government will legalize medical cannabis but not recreational cannabis.

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