Registration for the Voluntary repatriation program continues

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 15-10-2020.

ORANJESTAD - During the past months, the Government of Aruba together with the Embassy of the Netherlands established in Venezuela and the Venezuelan Consulate in Aruba has worked vigorously on diplomatic intervention.

It was with the mutual efforts that the first repatriation flight was achieved last week bringing many Venezuelan nationals back home.


The assistance provided since the start of the repatriation program includes e.g.:

  • to provide information,
  • to register and make an inventory of the number of persons wanting to go back to their native country and the number of requested destinations
  • mediation with each particular country the country of origin
  • logistic assistance which includes arrangements with airlines (how many flights, how many passengers per flight, etc.)

The voluntary repatriation program is special assistance for foreigners who wish to return to their native country.

Registration for the voluntary repatriation

Anyone interested in repatriation can register online on the website of DIMAS on

It is important to complete the entire online form with accurate information. Those who have already register do not have to register again. Registration is open only for the persons who are currently in Aruba with legal status, or irregular status. Persons who overstayed due to the closing of the borders in connection with the pandemic and who wants to go home can also register.


Those interested should be pending their phone and or email, as they will be contacted by the DIMAS for any update.

COVID-19 test

Passengers who board any of the repatriation flights can be requested to have a PCR test done within 2 days.

Return to Aruba

Aruba residents who are stranded in any country and wish to be considered a return on a humanitarian flight can to Aruba can register only on and should include a copy of their passport, valid permit, address in a foreign country, and home address in Aruba, international contact number and contact number in Aruba. Return flights to Aruba are not coordinated by the DIMAS.

For more information regarding the voluntary repatriation flight or to register, please contact tel. 522-1500 or visit

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