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ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Justice Mr. Andin Bikker, recently announced that the first phase voluntary repatriation process has started.

What is the voluntary repatriation project?
This project is aimed towards migrants that were stuck in Aruba either for whatever reason or any migrant, legal or illegal, who wish to return to their country of origin.

Phase 1 is the assessment of the desire to repatriate, followed by assistance to migrants who have registered.

Who qualifies for the voluntary repatriation?
Legal or illegal migrants who wish to go to their country of origin but do not have the means to go back.

Where to register for the voluntary repatriation?
An online registration form is available on under the link:

  • Vrijwillige Terugkeer / Regreso Voluntario / Voluntary Return.
  • Once on the website, please select a language and proceed to the link Regreso Voluntario / Voluntary Return / Vrijwillige Terugkeer.
  • Once the registration form is completed with the requested information, make sure to click on send.

Voluntary repatriation hotline
For more information about the voluntary repatriation, please call the hotline 2811010 between 9 am and 4 pm during weekdays.

What is the registration deadline?
The registration for voluntary repatriation is possible until the end of April 2020.

What is expected in phase 2?
In phase 2, return flights will be planned based on the registrations and destinations

Travel dates will be announced when these are ready and a notification will be emailed to all individuals who registered.

Diplomatic intervention is required for this repatriation process since most borders are closed due to the coronavirus. Bilateral agreements are important for the proper repatriation protocols.

Requirements for the voluntary repatriation:

  • Valid travel document (expired passport if still accepted as valid in the country of origin)
  • Proof of inability to cover own repatriation expenses (nor guarantor responsible for travel costs).
  • Signed Voluntary Return.
  • Individuals who wish to repatriate and who have applied for asylum should also submit a revocation letter.
  • In cases of overstay, a maximum of 18 months prohibition will apply for re-entry to Aruba starting on the day of repatriation.

The voluntary repatriation program by the Minister of Justice is not possible without the support of strategic partners including the Minister of Justice and Security of the Netherlands. There is a high demand for this program, and everyone still interested should register on as soon as possible. 

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