Relaxation of measures starting November 24

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ORANJESTAD - During a press conference held by the Government on November 23, 2020, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announced that the government did ease some of the measures.

Since the steady decline of the active COVID-19 cases and the fact that we are currently below the mark of 100 active cases, the government decided to be a bit more flexible with the measures taken. “Hopefully this way we can feel a little of the holiday season’s spirit, this being Christmas and New Year, although not like in the previous years, but at least a little. This is thanks to the cooperation of our community that helped lower the great number of active cases. We need to remain cautious and disciplined,” the Prime Minister said.

During a press conference on November 23 2020, Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announces that the government will ease some measures.The Prime Minister announced the changes that are in effect starting November 24, 2020.

Family gathering

Starting November 24, more than six persons are allowed to gather at home. Facemasks and a social distance of 1.5 meters are required. It is at the discretion of each family to decide how many people can be in proximity to each other and they have to make sure the rules are abided at all times. The Crisis Team remains active and if and will take action when required.


As of November 24, restaurants are allowed to have a maximum of 14 diners per table when dining inside and a maximum of 20 diners at each table when dining outdoors. However, diners must follow the rules. Everybody should be seated, while standing at the bar or dancing remains prohibited.


Before November 24, it was only allowed to have three musicians performing together on stage. Now five musicians can be on stage at once for indoor entertainment. For outdoor entertainment, there is no limit to the number of musicians allowed on stage. Entire bands are allowed to perform as long as the band members stick to the agreed rules. This decision was made in deliberation with the entertainment group and following the protocols. The musicians should keep physical distance between themselves but also stop the music as soon as they see guests standing and dancing and not complying with the safety protocols. It is not the intention to create an agglomeration of people since this can cause a surge in new cases.

Bands are allowed to entertain everyone especially now in the holiday season. Establishments that wish to have outdoor entertainment to attract clients are free to do so, however, crowds are not allowed to stand as spectators or dance to the music.

Closing time

The closing time for all establishments remains 11:00 pm. With these new rules, we initiate the relaxation process of the regulations but social distancing, no hugging, no kissing, no handshaking and no leaving dinner table without a facemask remain in force.

“With this relaxation, we hope to have a pleasant holiday season for every citizen and we hope that the holiday spirit can be felt in each home and every corner in Aruba, but abiding the rules in effect” the Prime Minister expressed.

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