Remembrance Day May 4, 2021

ORANJESTAD - Each year, on May 4, the partners of the Dutch Kingdom commemorate all those who perished during the second world war.  

Today, May 4, 2021, marks the 76th anniversary of the end of the second world war. On this day, we remember all those who lost their lives since the beginning of the second world war but also those who are currently in war or peace-keeping missions around the world.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister of Aruba encourages the entire community to remember all the men and women for their huge sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom.

“It is important to realize how important it is to live in peace. We do not want any other wars. We remember all those who fought during the wars and the victims who lost their lives during a war. Not only during the first and second World Wars but in all wars. Let’s never forget their bravery and sacrifice for our freedom. The only way to guarantee peace is to teach our children from the get-go to respect, tolerate and have empathy for others. This is the responsibility of all of us”.

Wreath laying during the May 4 Remembrance Day ceremony.

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