Reminder supermarkets, stores, and all other establishments to adhere to the hygiene protocols

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 06-08-2020.

ORANJESTAD – Now that the borders are gradually reopening for tourism, it is important to apply the precaution protocols we learned to prevent and stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Government of Aruba and the Department of Public Health (DVG) have been tirelessly informing and educating the community about the proper ways of protection against the coronavirus.

The protocols include:

  • Maintaining a social distance of 1,5 meters from others;
  • frequent hand washing with soap;
  • avoiding agglomerations;
  • In case you feel ill and have symptoms please stay home and contact your family physician.

The trial period is over and now the new normal is a reality. Everyone is responsible to apply the same precautions to protect themselves and their family against COVID-19. With the reopening of the borders, the Government made sure the airport was equipped and ready to perform extra screening and controls of arriving passengers. Despite all these efforts, the community should be aware of the fact that some individuals may still enter infected with the virus. This is due to the 2 weeks incubation period in which the body does not have enough virus to be detected by the tests. That is the reason for the new normal; changes in behavior and precautionary measures.

To comply with these measures, the DGV created different protocols for different sectors, to make the measures more understandable, practical, and visible. These protocols mandate the presence of hand sanitizers for the public upon entry, establishments should also have indicators in the forms of arrows or lines on the floor and also signs to indicate the regulated social distancing between costumers. The DVG urges establishments, stores, organizations, and all sectors to strictly adhere to the precaution protocols valid for each one of them, and making sure the signs, stickers, hand sanitizers, etc. are up to par. If any of these is not in good condition, it should be renewed to meet the set protocols.

The DVG also urges the community to keep their guards up at all times by applying the precautions with discipline. Anyone who has neglected the precautions lately, must apply them again.

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