Reminder VUT 2021 is available since February 15, 2021

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ORANJESTAD - The Department of Human Resources DRH reminds government employees that the VUT2021 (National Ordinance on Voluntary Retirement) is officially available.

The duration of the VUT 2021 is a maximum of 3 years. Government personnel now have the opportunity to sign up for VUT 2021 between February 15, 2021, and April 14, 2021. The VUT2021 form is available online at all departments as well as at the service desk of the DRH.

The last effective date to resign is December 1, 2021. Per the active laws, all resignation requests will be screened by the VUT Evaluation Commission who will either approve or reject each resignation request. More information will be provided in the upcoming days.

For more information please contact the DRH at 297 522-9999, or send an email to

VUT2021 (National Ordinance on Voluntary Retirement)

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